ROSTERS - PRELIMINARY ROSTERS ARE UNLIMITED AND FINAL ROSTERS ARE LIMITED TO 22 PLAYERS.  Preliminary rosters are to be maintained by each team. You must maintain the number of games each player attends.  You may use an unlimited number of players during the first few games.  You will be notified to submit your final rosters, limited to 22 names with updated player game totals to commissioner by a day after 7/1.   No additional players may be used after the freeze date.  Some teams prefer to have a limited number of names on their roster, which is fine.  However, by the final roster date you should have an idea of who your potential extras are so submit them with the final roster.  Send me copies of your final roster immediately after the freeze date.


ATTENDANCE – Keep your team attendance forms up to date.  Remember to qualify players who attended a game, whether they played or not. You can be challenged for using a non-rostered player after the roster freeze date or for using a player with less than 4 games during the playoffs. 


PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY -   Players are eligible by attending 4 regular season games in 2019, adjusted at the end of season for games cancelled permanently.  Playing is not required for a game to count.  Just show up to get credit.  Any forfeits or permanent cancellations, rainouts, result in every roster player getting credit for the game.  Your attendance doc will be used for verification.  You should maintain a scorebook with names of your players at least.  If there is a challenge, the scorebooks will support your attendance form.  If the challenged team can’t prove a player’s attendance, then that game is lost for that player.  If the challenged team can’t prove eligibility that player is dropped from the playoff roster and any playoff games that have been played using that player will be forfeited.  Scoring the game only becomes important if a game needs to be restarted from a specific point.   


GAME TIMES - 6:30 and 8:00.  Our games are scheduled for 6:30 and 8:00, because most 1st games are over by 8:00.  However, the legal/final start time game 2 is 8:30.  There is a 15 minute GRACE PERIOD for the 1st game and a 5 minute grace for the 2nd game (8:35). Games are generally forfeited if once the grace time has passed if a team doesn’t have 8 players.  Coaches and umps will be notified of RAINOUTS between 4:00 and 6:00 or earlier by the Commissioner.  After that time the umpires control the start of games at the field. The commissioner decides all CANCELLATIONS and schedules all GAMES and MAKEUPS.  Cancellation agreements or game time changes made by individual teams will result in a double forfeit.  For the first game, if the game has not reached the completion of 7 innings it may continue after 8:00.  You may also use the tie breaker rule, but no inning may start after 8:20.  The 2nd game can use the tie breaker after 7 innings and may continue until the lights go out.  In the playoffs all games are played to completion, except if it is stopped for a forfeit.


TIE BREAKER -  In the event of a tie score after 7 innings, tie breaker rules apply.   In all extra half innings the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half inning on second base and one out will already be recorded before the first pitch, giving each team only 2 outs to end the half inning.  Half innings are then played in this manner until there is a winner or 8:20 is reached for the first game or the lights go out for the second game.  In the playoffs, games are played to completion.


COMPLETE GAME – A complete game is 3.5 or 4 innings if play is stopped for time, weather, scheduled light shutoff, etc.  Games stopped prior to 3.5 or 4 innings for any reason will be replayed.  The only time games are picked up where stopped is in the playoffs.  If there is a stoppage of play in the playoffs, you should collect all of the pertinent data for your opponent, including game situation score, bases occupied by which hitter, who is playing, who has played, etc. If you do not get that info your opponent, you will not be able to verify eligibility when the game picks up. 


Slaughter Rule -  For purposes of the 12 run slaughter rule, 4.5 or 5 innings will be used for a complete game.  GAMES are played to completion in the PLAYOFFS, with the exception of the slaughter rule. 


PITCHING RULES – Our pitching rules are ASA, “10 Man” type.  Two feet on the rubber to start, first step forward (no step back), no slingshot, and the ball must not be outside the wrist on the downward swing and release. Hips and shoulders must be squared with first and third at release.


EJECTIONS – Players ejected from the game by the umpires for fighting, bumping an umpire, purposely violently colliding with an opposing player or seriously verbally abusing anyone, a player, an ump or a fan, will be suspended for an additional 3 games.  A 2nd ejection of this type results in a suspension for the season.  Ejections for less serious offenses (swearing at an umpire, unsportsmanlike-like conduct, failure to slide but not purposely causing serious contact, etc.) result in an additional one game suspension.  Continued ejection of this type can result in suspension for the season.  Prior to this 2nd type of offense, umpires should make every effort to give a warning before handing out an ejection.


BALL -  The A. D. Starr Tattoo day/night red stitch yellow ball (.52/300)is the OFFICIAL GAME BALL.


Shirts - All players should be dressed in TEAM SHIRTS or same color. 


COURTESY RUNNERS - There are 2 courtesy runners per team per game.  In all cases the last out or the person replacing that person in the order is the first option for a courtesy runner.  If that person is on base, the next to last out is used and if both are on base the person who made the 2nd to last out is used.  Once the two runners have been designated, no additional courtesy runners may be used, even for injured players.  You may insert a courtesy runner at any time during the game, but once a runner is designated for a player that must continue as long as that position player is in the game. However, the designated runner is for the player not a batting position.  If the player who has a courtesy runner comes out of the game, there is no longer a courtesy runner in that batting position and 1 designated runner is spent.  You may insert a pinch runner for a courtesy runner but he too is batting for the position player and so the 2nd designated runner is spent.  You may not insert a courtesy runner for a courtesy runner without using up your second designated runner.  **This is a difficult rule to write and to monitor.  Because the manager gets to choose when to designate a runner, he can do so for any reason.  In spite of the fact that we considered it ostensibly for injury or infirmity purposes, there is nothing illegal if a manager uses it for any reason, as long the rule above is followed.**



BASES -   We have 2 sets of bases. The Commissioner generally has the 2nd set.  Each night one of teams playing the 2nd game has the 1st


game on the following game night they should take responsibility for the bases.  If the system gets screwed up and neither 2nd game team has a 1st game next, whomever takes the bases should send an email the next morning to all managers in order coordinate the exchange for the next 6:00 game  .


FORFEITS. - Teams will be INELIGIBLE for the playoffs after 3 FORFEITS.  When you forfeit, you are responsible for BOTH UMPIRE FEES.   A forfeit is considered 7-0 for scoring purposes.  You may appeal to the commissioner.


NUMBER OF PLAYERS.  We use 4 outfielders.  We can use an EH and or a DH.  EH IS A POSITION and players may switch from EH to the field and vice versa.  A DH hits for a position player and is designated  at the beginning of the game only. He may not enter the game until the player he hits for enters the game. A DH can only become a defensive player if the position player he is batting for leaves the game.  We can bat no more than 11 players.  Teams who start with 10 batters may add an EH, PRIOR TO THE 5TH INNING with that player assuming the bottom position in the batting order. Teams may may/must start with 8 PLAYERS.  You may ADD A 9TH & 10th FIELD POSTION PLAYER at any time during the game, with those players assuming the bottom and next to bottom batting positions available. There is no automatic out for the 9th and 10th position if you start with 8 batters. YOU MAY NOT REDUCE THE ACTIVE NUMBER 11 TO 10, etc. unless forced to by injury or other prohibiting situation, such as a player has to leave to meet another irrevocable commitment.  Any attempt to remove players to allow others extra at bats will cost you a man on first to start the following at bat for your opponent.  Lastly, there is NO RE-ENTRY except in the case of an injury, where there are no players on the bench who haven’t played and your team would go below 10 players.


STARTING GAMES.  You must start the game once you have 8 players at game time.  Grace time is not allowed once you have 8 players.  FORFEITS occur at 15 minutes after the scheduled start for the 1st game and 5 minutes after the  scheduled start for the 2nd game.


GROUND RULES –   In the outfield, any ball landing on the walkway or beyond is a homerun.  In center field there are 2.5 trees beyond the walk way, visible to the right of the pole in center.  Any ball rolling over the hill onto the sidewalk or beyond is a ground rule double if it is to the left of or hits the middle tree of the 2.5 trees.  Any ball that rolls up over the hill and onto the walkway or beyond to the right of the middle tree is all you can get.  Any ball striking the left field light pole in the air is a ground rule double if it hits the transformers or below.  If it hits above the transformers it is a home run and those striking the pole after hitting the ground are in-play.  All balls striking the center field pole in the air are homeruns and from the ground are in-play.  On the first base side, the out of bounds line is straight back from the dugout fence to the track and then down the track towards the other field.  However, the umpire has the discretion to declare all you can get if the ball goes out of bounds way down the track. On the third base side the out of bounds line runs from the end of the dugout fence to the tree designated by the umpire. On foul balls in the air you may make the catch anywhere prior to the track.  In all cases catching a fly or a pop-up and carrying it out of bounds results in all base runners advancing 1 base.  On overthrows going out of bounds we follow ASA rules, which is 2 bases from where the runner is when the fielder releases the ball. 


PROTESTS – A planned protest of a game must be told to the umpire(s) at the end of that game with a written protest being sent to the commissioner, and the opposing manager the day following the game.  A $25 check should also be sent to the commissioner, which will be returned if the protest is upheld.  League rules will be ruled on by the commissioner and ASA rules will be ruled on by Chief Umpire.  Judgment cannot be protested, only misinterpretation of the rules and eligibility of players are valid grounds for protest.


BENCHES – The home team has the right to occupy either bench.


POINTS  – Teams are awarded 2 points for a win and 1 for a tie for determining the final standings.


FINAL STANDINGS - Ties in the final standings effecting the playoffs are determined by this sequence: a) head to head record, b) runs scored head to head, c) total runs for the season and d) a playoff game.


PLAYOFFS – Top 3 teams make the playoffs. The semifinals are a 2nd vs 3rd 1 game elimination with the #1 team having a bye. The winner then plays the #1 team immediately following the semi-final game to begin the finals. The finals are 2 of 3. The 2nd place team is home for the semi-final game. The first place team is home for games 1 and 3 in the finals and the other for game 2.  All games stopped before completion in the playoffs will be continued the next game night from the point of stoppage, with all in game factors, score, base runners, outs, count, removed players, etc. remaining the same, except if the stoppage is for forfeit.  Players taken out of the game are still out.  However, players not at the original game night may play when the game is continued, since they might have come to the original game very late. The slaughter rule is in play for the playoffs.  The extra inning rule is in play for the playoffs and there is no restriction of time. 


MAKEUPS – Makeups will be played in scheduled makeup slots when possible or outside of schedule if needed.  Meaningless makeups may

not be played.  Full slate rainouts will be played in next available makeup slot.  Single game rainouts will be scheduled as slots are available or outside the schedule, if needed to determine playoff slots.  Makeup games will be played as scheduled and the commissioner determines all makeup days and times.


POSTPONEMENTS – Umpires and managers will be notified by the commissioner between 4:00 and 6:00pm for league cancellations.  After 6:00 cancellations due to weather will be determined by the umpires at the field.

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